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Pick 6 Update: EaglesPride wins week 8

Be sure to make your pick 6 before Thursday. It's a new game every week, so jump in any time!


Week 8 of our Pick 6 game is in the books and "EaglesPride" is your winner with a score of 94 points. That's actually the lowest winning score we've had all year, but it was that kind of week in the NFL.

Here was his 6. How on earth he would have thought to choose Josh Freeman is beyond me, but it certainly paid off in a big way. Rashad Jennings was a very popular value pick this week and he served EaglesPride well also.

Position Player Price Points This Game Points This Season
QB Josh Freeman
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MIN 08:20 PM EDT
$8.50 22.4 126.5
RB Adrian Peterson
Minnesota Vikings vs TAM 08:20 PM EDT
$49.25 16.7 113.4
WR Randall Cobb
Green Bay Packers vs JAC 01:00 PM EDT
$16.25 8.8 77.0
TE Rob Gronkowski
New England Patriots at STL 01:00 PM EDT
$38.25 26.6 98.0
K Matt Prater
Denver Broncos vs NOS 08:20 PM EDT
$4.25 10.0 55.0
WC Rashad Jennings
Jacksonville Jaguars at GBP 01:00 PM EDT
$0.50 9.5 31.0

I finished 94th this week. Did you fare any better? Here's the full week 8 BGN leaderboard.

As always, I want to remind everyone that the game starts anew every week and you get to pick all new players. So if you didn't get a pick 6 in last week or even ever before, no big deal. Hop in and play this week. You have until the start of the Thursday night game to make your pick.

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