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Philadelphia Eagles film breakdown: Asante is who we thought he was

Asante Samuel is still as bad at tackling as you remember.

Rob Carr

Asante Samuel certainly had a lot to say after Sunday's game and maybe some of it was justified. If he was indeed snubbed by Andy Reid, that's obviously not cool, although Asante hardly gets to claim the high ground after bashing the coach at every opportunity since his trade.

Either way, when you get a chance to beat the guys that dumped you, it has to feel good. That much really can't be denied. Still, it was somewhat funny to see Samuel puffing out his chest so proudly when he was, in fact, such a small part of the victory.

And where was Samuel so lacking in this one? The same place he's always been, tackling.

Exhibit A was the LeSean McCoy touchdown.


Samuel had the play read right, he took a decent angle at first, but his attempted tackle was just pathetic. McCoy barely has to stiff arm him as Asante needlessly leaves his feet for a weak arm tackle that barely causes LeSean to slow down.

Now, to be fair, LeSean McCoy 1 on 1 with any corner is a tough ask for that defender. I get that, but literally any effort would likely have been more useful than what Asante did there.

But, like I said, that was LeSean McCoy. He's going to run over/past a guy like Asante most of the time. What about someone more Samuel's own size? Like, say, DeSean Jackson?


This is just Asante at his worst. He seems to make a late read on the throw and decides to try and gamble for the pick anyway. The position he puts himself in is one where it's either an interception or a big play the other way. If he plays this straight up and goes after the receiver, it's probably a ho-hum 5 yard gain that gets the Eagles barely past midfield. Instead, it's a 32 yard catch and run that set up an Eagles FG.

Oh and the diving arm tackle attempt that DeSean hops right out of is like something out of a cartoon.

So there was 10 points, out of only 17 that the Eagles scored, which Asante played a big part in.

But good for you Asante, your team won, so that must you're still awesome.

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