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DeSean Jackson: Michael Vick not comfortable running the offense

Rich Schultz

DeSean Jackson was a guest of NFL Network this morning and not surprisingly the subject of Michael Vick and a possible benching was the main topic of conversation. Jackson's general reaction was "whatever the coach wants to do."

When asked what he would think about a QB change, Jackson said,

"We are too good of a team to be on a three-game losing streak, so whatever it is we can do to get things rolling that is what we are here to do."

And just what is different about Vick this year?

"I don't think he is as comfortable as he usually is [running the offense],"Jackson responded.

Speaking later to Jeff McLane, Jackson did make it clear that he still supports Vick.

"Honestly, I still feel like he's an elite quarterback in this league," Jackson said. "He's still able to make the throws, make the runs. I just think he has to be himself and play how he knows how to play. He's been doing this for a long time. As long as he can stay healthy and continue to do what he needs to do and be a higher player in this league, I think he still has a couple years left."

However, Jackson also offered support for Nick Foles in the same interview.

"As far as games, I think he's able to do it," Jackson said "I think the sky's the limit for him. He's a talented player. He just hasn't really gotten that opportunity, as far as this season. We'll just see how it goes."

As McLane notes, Jackson also said "the sky's the limit" about Kevin Kolb when the wolves were circling Donovan McNabb...

Speaking of McNabb, he weighed in on the benching Vick discussion and as you might expect disagreed with the idea of benching Vick for Foles. McNabb said that switching QBs wouldn't help "at all" and that the Eagles "have more issues than just the quarterback position."

McNabb said for Vick to be successful going forward, he's got to be able to block everything out.

"He has to focus on his job. If you focus on your job, you block everything out. Once you start hearing the boos, hearing the radio station talk, people outside [the organization] bringing your name up[about] being benched, then you begin to lose focus. He needs to feed off his play last week [where he didn't turn the ball over]."

It's probably good advice from a guy who should know... However, as McNabb himself proved, it's not an easy thing to do.

The fact is, QB controversies put everyone in a tough spot. The coach is pushed to make definitive statements, players are put in the position DeSean is here having to support one teammate while not dissing another. He really can't say "no way should they bench Vick" because... what if they do? Then he's got Nick Foles as his QB and a crowd of reporters around him asking if thinks that's a mistake.

It's a tough time for everyone connected to this team, and for Vick & Reid especially, it's not going to get easier.

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