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Steelers' Isaac Redman Says Eagles D "Not really worried about the run"

Isaac Redman may have given the Eagles defense some bulletin board material for this Sunday's game.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Last week, when the Eagles play the Giants, the first salvo of trash talk was fired off by a RB (LeSean McCoy). This week as the Eagles prepare to face the Pittsburgh Steelers, the same thing seems to have happened. Only this time it's come from the other side.

When asked about facing the Eagles, Steelers' RB Issac Redman said,

"They're pretty much trying to sack the QB;they're not really worried about the run.They're not built to stop the run."

If he's watching tape of last season's defense, then... I think he's absolutely right. This season though? The Eagles run defense has been very good, while Redman, as our Steelers blogger Neal Coolong pointed out, hasn't been.

The apparently malfunctioning run defense of the Eagles is ranked 12th in the NFL, surrendering 91 yards per game - or, 19 more than Redman has rushed for all season.

As someone who drafted Redman to his fantasy team this year (and dropped him this week) I can attest that Redman is indeed quite a disappointment this season.

That said, the Steelers RBs did have some success against the Eagles in preseason. Jonathan Dwyer was able to pile up 40 yards rushing on just 2 carries and Chris Rainey had a couple of catches for 65 yards. Redman, on the other hand, had 5 carries for just 14 yards. Maybe the Eagles were a little more concerned with the run when he was in...

Fact is though, the Eagles D is very different than the one we saw against Pittsburgh in the preseason opener. DeMeco Ryans was evidently just taking it easy then and since the season has started is well on his way to a 100+ tackle season. Mychal Kendricks as a rookie has been more effective than any WILL here since... I don't know when. The safeties, Kurt Coleman & Nate Allen have done a good job supporting the run, Brandon Graham has seen an increased role on the line and is a superior run stopper to Jason Babin and finally... Fletcher Cox is just wrecking people on a regular basis.

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