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Eagles Vs Steelers: Andy Reid, Michael Vick Look Forward To Intrastate Battle

The Eagles travel to Pittsburgh this weekend for a matchup with the 1-2 Pittsburgh Steelers

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Eagles are in one of those spots this week that are tough no matter the team you play. They're coming off a big division win, they're going on the road to face and out of conference opponent who just so happens to be coming off their bye week.

Oh and it's the Steelers, a perennial playoff team with 2 Super Bowl rings this generation.

Any one of those factors might lead you to doubt the Eagles this week, but all combined make for what will be a very tough test In Pittsburgh. Andy Reid says the team can't worry about the so called "trap game."

"You just go out and play," Andy said at his Wednesday press conference. "We've been in that situation before so you just go out and play. You have to take care of what you can control and that is yourself and your team in that case. That's what we do and that's where our focus is - getting better. We know we're playing a good football team and we know we are a good football team, and that's how we're going to prepare ourselves this week."

In a cruel twist of the schedule, the Eagles will actually face their next 3 opponents in the week those teams are coming off their bye (4 total).

Part of getting an extra week of rest means that the Steelers will get back some of their injured vets, most notably Troy Polamalu & James Harrison. However, Michael Vick says the fundamental approach doesn't change whether those guys are there ro not.

"I think whether they're out there or not you just have to have the same type of approach," Vick said. "You can't just say because they're not playing [that] we are going to do this and it's going to work. You've got other guys who play just as well. Not as good as those guys but put themselves in the right positions. They have a good football team across the board and it's going to be a challenge for us."

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