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The Linc - LeSean McCoy Calls Of Feud With Umenyiora

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Les Bowen: Further review: Eagles' defense even better than it seems
The Eagles' defense is really what's different this year; it's allowing more than four points a game less than it was through four games last year, when Juan Castillo and half his players were new and all was chaos. Is four points a game a lot? Well, that's the Eagles' combined margin of victory in this season's three wins.

Film Study: Vick's blitz recognition key to beating Giants
After reviewing the film, a major key to the Eagles' win over New York was Michael Vick's ability to make quicker and more instinctive decisions when blitzed.

Iggles Blitz » Blog Archive » Roster Moves
Brian Rolle, my cyber son, is gone. It hurts to write that, but this is his own doing. Rolle was a major disappointment on STs. All you have to do is look at the Eagles STs Production Points list to see how far down he is. Frankly, that is embarrassing.

John Smallwood: Eagles show a winning mind-set
It's interesting how things change from season to season in the NFL. A year ago on this date, the Eagles lost, 24-23, to the San Francisco 49ers to drop their record to 1-3. The game was notable because it was the third consecutive game in which the Birds had taken a lead into the fourth quarter, only to find a way to lose.

Mychal Kendricks An Unsung Hero Against Giants - Birds 24/7
His biggest play of the night went largely unnoticed. On the Giants’ last play before attempting the 54-yard field goal, Manning rolled right and threw into double-coverage deep along the sideline. That’s because his closer option, Bennett, was blanketed by Kendricks. Bennett actually stayed in to chip before breaking out on the route, and Kendricks read it perfectly.

LeSean McCoy Says His Rivalry With Osi Umenyiora Is Over « CBS Philly
“We crossed paths a couple times, we gave each other the eye,” McCoy said on the SportsRadio WIP Player’s Lounge show on Monday. “In the warmups, we looked at each other funny. I think after the game, it’s time to get over this Osi and LeSean thing because after the game [Umenyiora] said ‘you’re a heck of a player, we’re in this business, let’s get over this.’ He said, ‘let’s be done with it.’ Being a bigger man, also for myself, you’ve got to focus on the Giants, they’re a good team already. My goal is not an inter-division battle with Osi. It’s with the Giants, and trying to get to the Super Bowl.”

Michael Vick has spent $29 million since filing for bankruptcy
Though Michael Vick has spent over $29 million since filing for bankruptcy, he's hardly living the high life. Court documents obtained by TMZ show that the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has spent $29.6 million of the $31 million he's earned since 2008. The majority of non-tax spending has gone to creditors Vick owed after his 2008 filing. His lawyers and accountants have received $2.7 million.

Stats of the Week - ESPN
On " Monday Night Football," Tony Romo threw more touchdown passes to Chicago players than to Dallas players.

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