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Eagles veterans express "embarrassment" after blowout loss

The most commonly uttered word in the Eagles locker room today? "Embarrassed."

Rob Carr

If I had to pick one word to describe the Eagles performance today, "embarrassing" would certainly be one of the favored candidates. In the Eagles' locker room, it was clearly the word of the afternoon. Here's a sampling of what the coach and 7 different vets had to say after the game.

Andy Reid

"That was an embarrassing performance."

Michael Vick

"Like coach said, it was flat out embarrassing."

LeSean McCoy

"It's embarrassing. For a team to put up that many points and for our offense not to respond, that's embarrassing. We had no answer for them. I was embarrassed today. "

Jeremy Maclin

"It was frustrating and embarrassing."

Brent Celek

"Hell yeah. I am embarrassed. To go out there and play like that is horrible."

"You guys saw what I saw out there. It was a flat out embarrassment. It's has got to change."

Nnamdi Asomugha

"It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing to come out and for us to put that out there like that. We're a better team than what we showed today."

Jason Babin

"Oh, it was definitely embarrassing. It wasn't like it was a close game."

It's nice that they at least share our anguish a bit and aren't going to try and sugarcoat this one. But I would ask the same question of all this guys that we never seem to get an answer to... "Now what?"

You're embarrassed. Good. What are you going to do about it? Surely you had to be embarrassed when you blew 2 straight 4th quarter leads the previous 2 games and nothing has changed as a result of that. In fact, things have gone downhill.

Now what?

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