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Video: Dunta Robinson has a history of dirty hits vs Eagles

Dunta Robinson has been fined $90,000 for his dirty hits against the Eagles

Scott Cunningham

Atlanta Falcons' CB Dunta Robinson is one of the poster boys for the type of headhunting illegal hits the league is trying to eliminate. His worst offenses have arguably both come against the Eagles. In fact, Robinson has been fined a total of $90,000 for his dirty play against the Eagles alone.

Let's take a look back...

First was his hit on DeSean Jackson in 2010. Robinson was fined $50,000 for this hit and Jackson sustained a concussion on the play.

After the game, Ray Anderson, the NFL’s director of football operations had this to say.

"We can’t and won’t tolerate what we saw Sunday … These devastating hits and head shots with a very necessary higher standard of accountability … What we saw Sunday was disturbing. We’re talking about avoiding life-altering impacts."

Despite the fine, the warning and the fact that he himself was hurt on the play, Robinson clearly did not learn his lesson. This was a hit he put on Jeremy Maclin last year.

Robinson actually had the nerve to claim after the game that he had done nothing wrong, but the video clearly shows otherwise. He absolutely uses his helmet and goes directly after Maclin's head. He was fined $40,000 for that hit, but despite being a repeat offender was not suspended.

The NFL did warn him that "Future offenses will result in an escalation of fines up to and including suspension."

After that game both Maclin & Jackson took aim at Robinson.

'"He's two for two now," Maclin said. "Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as Jack's was last year. I guess we'll see what Roger Goodell has in store for him."

"I guess that's what type of player he is," Jackson said. "He tries to go for the kill shot and things like that. He got a flag for it, so just glad Jeremy is OK."

So Robinson has lost $90,000 and been threatened with suspension by the NFL. Will that be enough to deter him from going after the heads of Eagles WRs this Sunday?

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