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Eagles vs Falcons: Philadelphia pass defense could be too much for Matt Ryan to overcome

Matty Ryan is off to a hot start, but will face his toughest test on Sunday


Matt Ryan's last trip back to his hometown of Philadelphia was not a particularly pleasant one. In 2010, when the Eagles pass defense allowed a record number of passing TDs, Ryan's Falcons were blown out 31-17 and he was clearly outplayed by his counterpart.

That counterpart, by the way, was Kevin Kolb.

Will this time be any better? Certainly Ryan is off to arguably the best start of his career. Not only is his team undefeated, but they're a top 10 passing offense and Ryan has the 4th best QB rating in the NFL. His #1 WR, Roddy White, is 5th in the NFL in receiving.

That said, the Eagles will represent the toughest test the Atlanta passing attack has faced yet.

Philly has allowed just 7 passing TDs this season, which is tied for the 2nd fewest in the NFL. Opposing QBs are completing a league low 52.7% of their passes against the Eagles. If you look at ESPN Total QBR measurement of judging QBs, the Eagles have held opposing passers to a 28.8 rating, the 3rd lowest in the league.

Plus, Matt Ryan may have one more name to worry about other than Nnamdi & Dominique. There's also Sandy. The hurricane is not expected to hit the Philadelphia area until Monday, but there are still showers and winds of up to 22mph predicted for Sunday.

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