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Jason Babin: Small changes will make a big difference

Eagles DE Jason Babin says the new tweaks they've installed on the defense will make a big difference this week.

Norm Hall

Jason Babin was on ESPN 97.5 this week to discuss all things Eagles including the upcoming game with the Falcons and the firing of Juan Castillo. On the latter point, Babin didn't have a whole lot to say and seemed to just want to move on. However, he did say that he expects things to get better from here on out.

"I think our approach now as a defense, as subtle as it’s going to be, is going to make all the difference in the world," he said.

Does that mean we should expect changes to the scheme from Bowles?

"I wouldn't say scheme changes," Babin explained. "I would rather use the word small nuances, which I think can make a huge difference, especially at the level of competition in the NFL."

And yes, I did chuckle at him saying "the word small nuances."

Then, Babin got more philosophical.

"Imagine this if you will: The issue for us is getting to the quarterback - it's not been getting to the quarterback, it's when we get there, the quarterback not having the ball. So if you could do some small tweaks to help force the quarterback to hold the ball for the appropriate amount of time needed to sack the quarterback, then you would be very excited about that, and then the sacks would come."

That is one way to get more sacks. Another would be to get to the QB faster...

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