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On the hot seat, Andy Reid can do what he likes

Was Andy Reid wrong to fire Juan Castillo? Who cares?!

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First off, I want to apologize to everyone a bit for the light posting over the last couple days. I've been crazy busy with "real life" so I took a bit of a bye week myself... but the Eagles are back and so am I.

The inspiration for this post came from a conversation I had with Brad Wells of our Colts Blog Stampede Blue. We met a for a drink and the topic of Juan Castillo came up. He was of the opinion that it was just a flat out wrong thing for Reid to do not only from the term perspective but personally as well.

And as he made his arguments, I pretty much agreed with all of them. The defense has had issues for sure, but its not the biggest problem on the team. Reid did put an inexperienced guy in an incredibly tough spot and he actually seemed to be improving. Plus, he was a guy who loved this team and loved working here. He was intensely loyal to Reid. There's a lot of solid reasons why you can say Reid was wrong to fire Juan Castillo.

Despite that, I still had no problem with it and the reason I explained to Brad was simple.

This is Andy's last stand and I'm fine with him doing whatever he wants.

Think about it. The owner has already said that another season without the playoffs is unacceptable. Reid doesn't have a contract past next season and in the world of NFL coaches, that's about as close as you can get to a lame duck. It is very clear that Andy's job is under greater threat now than at any point in his tenure year.

So in that context, I'm fine with him doing whatever he wants. If he feels like he has to fire Castiilo, bench Vick, cut a player... whatever. This is his last stand.

Now, this doesn't mean I agree with everything he does, but in some ways I have a hard time criticizing him too much. He has 10 games to turn this around or he is done. Fired from the job he's spent 14 years in. To me, there is no decision he shouldn't make right now.

In some ways, its actually kind of freeing. He doesn't have to think about the future now. He doesn't have to be loyal or make decisions for the long term. He doesn't even need to have an explanation for what he does since we already know what it is. His only focus has to be winning right now.

This is your job and your legacy Andy and you should do whatever it takes to save it. I'm on board with whatever you want to do. Doesn't mean I won't be ready for your firing if it all goes wrong... but for now, do what you have to do.

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