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Eagles Front Office Described As "Divisive, Paranoid Place"

The feeling amongst fans and the national media are that things are starting to get ugly down at the NovaCare Complex.

With Juan Castillo fired and other moves still possible, the feeling that everyone is playing and coaching for their jobs is likely an accurate one right now. Jeffery Lurie put the entire franchise on notice that 8-8 will not get it done, and at 3-3, that is exactly the pace the Eagles are on.

So quotes like this one from Pro Football Weekly are not exactly surprising.

Here is a quote from either an NFL scout, coach or front office personnel about the atmosphere around the Eagles- and it paints a pretty ugly picture.

The front-office situation in Philadelphia is not a good one. Scouts are not allowed to talk to coaches during training camp. You’re talking about some scouts who have known the coaches for years. Coaches coach, scouts scout and that’s the way it is. It’s not a happy environment. It’s a divisive, paranoid place, and it’s hard to grow and jell as a team in that type of setting. That’s the result of hiring a very insecure GM who does not know football.

The story also cited the Juan Castillo hiring as one of the reasons the front office is so divided.

Eagles defensive coordinator) Todd Bowles has an opportunity to turn (the defense) around. The problem with Juan Castillo was that he wanted to coach everybody, and he was not qualified to coach anyone. Just because you coach offensive line does not mean you know how to coach defense. It was only a matter of time before it was going to blow up. The owner (Jeffrey Lurie) was never on board with (the hire). It was the right move and overdue

Whenever a quote is given by an anonymous source, it should be taken with a grain of salt- it's easy to bash another team when your name isn't attached.

If the quotes do hold some truth, however, it backs up my thoughts last week that the Eagles situation right now is very combustible and ugly.

Players and coaches know that they are playing for their jobs right now. If Reid is gone after this year, it is very possible that an entire new coaching staff could come with the new coach. With a new coach comes new players, and any player that was one of Reid's favorites will no longer have that working for them. As stated above, that is not the kind of environment that creates winning and team unity.

The quote is also very critical of Howie Roseman. Roseman made a big splash last year when he created the "Dream Team" by signing so many top free agents, but his track record in the draft has not been great. It appears this year's draft class could be special, but his other top picks- Danny Watkins, Brandon Graham, Jaiquawn Jarrett- have been disappointing so far.

Whether the above quote is correct or not, it certainly is interesting to hear what people outside of the Eagles organization think about the what is going down in the NovaCare Complex.

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