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NFL Week 7: What to watch for

The Eagles are on a bye in week 7, but there are still things worth watching for Eagles fan

Jeff Zelevansky

With the Eagles on a bye, we take a look at some games still relevant to birds fans.

Redskins at Giants - This game is actually for first place in the NFC East. The Giants at 4-2 are already there, but the 3-3 Redskins would move into a tie with New York while holding the tiebreaker. The game is in New York and frankly the Giants have more to lose here. They've already dropped 2 games in the NFC East and a 3rd could really kill them towards the end of the season if tiebreakers come into play. Not only will it matter for the NFC East, but for NFC positioning as well, where conference record matters.

Cowboys at Panthers - This is almost a last stand for Dallas even though we haven't hit the halfway point. They're just 2-3 and already in last place in the NFC East. Carolina isn't a very tough matchup, but Dallas is only 1-2 on the road this year and will be without DeMarco Murray and will have an injured Dez Bryant.

Packers at Rams - Both of these teams are 3-3, same as the Eagles. I frankly don't know whether we should be encouraged by that or not. But if we're looking ahead to possible wildcard rivals, these are it. For the Packers, like the Giants, this game will be important for playoff tibreakers (if they even get there). They're only 2-2 in the conference.

Cardinals at Vikings - Both of these teams are actually 4-2, so in terms of possible wildcard contenders both are in the mix. For the Eagles, an Arizona loss would be better given that they hold a head to head tiebreaker.

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