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Nate Burleson fined $10K for TD celebration against Eagles

The NFL has handed down a $10,000 fine to Nate Burleson for his touchdown celebration in last Sunday's game against the Eagles. Burleson mocked the crowd with the "bird flapping" motion, which is extra stupid given that the Eagles don't even do that. So how he thought anyone would feel insulted is hard to understand.

But that was not what he was fined for. Take a look at look at the gif and try to guess what cost him $10K.


Yes, he mocks shooting a rifle. I assume this means that celebration was him shooting a bird, but he is the bird in the first part... I really don't know. It's a stupid celebration and it cost him $10k for miming "a violent action toward another team."

Brian Rolle was hit with the same fine last season when he mimicked the use of a Tommy Gun to celebrate a sack in a game against the Giants.



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