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Pick 6 Update: Ralf E Chubbs Wins Week 4

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Make your pick 6 for week 5 right here!

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Week 4 of our Pick 6 game is officially over and we've got our 4th different winner. Ralf E Chubbs took week 3 with 96.2 points, which is actually the lowest winning score yet. Here was his winning 6.

QB Andy Dalton - 23.3
RB Marshawn Lynch - 21.5
WR Vincent Jackson - 16.0
TE Scott Chandler - 18.2
K Josh Scobee - 4.0
WC Owen Daniels - 13.2

Check out the full leaderboard here. I was 137th this week! Where did you finish?

You can also now check out any badges you've earned right here.

Now would also be a good time to get your picks in for week 5. This week, I've been told there are some hidden deals to be had, so be sure to comb through the positions to find the best value.