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Garrett Reid's Death Officially Ruled An Overdose

Brian Garfinkel

An accidental heroin overdose has been ruled the cause of death for Garrett Reid, according to Northern County Coroner Zachary Lysek.

The official cause of death is "acute opiate (heroin) toxicity."

Reid was found slumped over in his chair, at which point a defibrillator was used. Reid was last seen at around 1:30 in the morning according to the police report.

Investigators found a gym bag full of 47 syringes and 64 needles. They also found a used spoon and vials filled with unknown liquids.

There were no signs of suicide or foul play, although an investigation will continue.

Here is a statement from the Reid family:

These results sadly confirmed what we had expected all along. We understood that Garrett’s long-standing battle with addiction was going to be difficult. He will, however, always have our family’s love and respect for the courage he showed in trying to overcome it. In the end, we take comfort in our faith and know that he’s in a better place. We miss Garrett. We miss his smile, his laugh, and his energy and we will forever love him. There are many other individuals and families engaged in this struggle in their own lives, and they will always have our support, encouragement, and understanding. Never give up!

Given everything that is going on this season, and the heavy criticism Reid is under right now, the news today really puts things in perspective.

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