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Eagles getting their money's worth with DeMeco Ryans

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Over the summer, the Eagles most notable addition was was LB DeMeco Ryans. The former defensive rookie of the year and multiple time pro bowler was had for what many saw as a cut price. But there was talk the move might have been fool's gold. Ryans was coming off an achilles injury and didn't have a great 2011.

However, so far the Eagles seem to be getting their money's worth with DeMeco Ryans.

Pro Football Focus released their research of run stop percentage. It essentially tries to expand on just typical tackle counts and split out where they happened and whether they counted as a win for the defense. In their top 15 is you guessed it... DeMeco Ryans.

He has been in on 147 run snaps made 24 stops and has not been credited with a single missed tackle.

There are some Eagles showing up on the bottom of the list however, both Akeem Jordan and Mychal Kendricks. It is worth noting that for this particular stat, outside linebackers don't fare as well because it's almost impossible for them to make stops on running plays that don't go their direction.

Kendricks wasn't terrible as he had 7 run "stops" but he has missed 4 tackles. Akeem Jordan has only been in on 50 run snaps, but has just 1 stop.

Overall, the Eagles are almost smack in the middle of the league in terms of run defense. They're ranked 15th allowing 104.5 points per game.

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