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Juan Castillo On Firing: 'No Excuses For Not Getting It Done'

Rich Schultz - Getty Images

Now Ex-Eagles Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo has spoken up about his firing earlier today.

While he isn't happy about it, Castillo sounded more frustrated that he didn't get the job done.

Here is what Castillo had to say in an interview with Vai Sikahema.

“The opportunity. And not taking advantage of the opportunity and making it happen for my family, for Coach Reid, for the city and for our guys. That’s what a warrior does. We talk about that all the time. There are no excuses, man. You get it done.”

Castillo was in tears as he spoke about his firing.

Whether or not you think he deserved to be fired, or whether or not you think he was doing a good job, it's hard to hear Castillo and not feel bad for him.

Video is below:

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