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The Linc - Eagles "offensive" line play

News and notes from around the web for October 16th

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Inside the Eagles: Line play is totally offensive
Jason Peters and Jason Kelce aren't walking through that door, to put another spin on an old Rick Pitino catchphrase.

Andy: Juan to Make Calls 'As I Stand Here Now'
Though he expressed only lukewarm support for Castillo, the offensive line coach turned defensive coordinator, Reid vigorously disputed corner Nnamdi Asomugha's postgame contention that the Eagles changed their coverage scheme and blitzed more in the fourth quarter, after keeping the Lions in check for three quarters.

Reid 'believes' in Eagles, but does anyone else?
At 3-3, and a day after a devastating loss, the Eagles still have Andy Reid's faith. But do they have anyone else's?

Reid to evaluate Eagles' play-calling during bye week
How will Andy Reid spend the bye week? He'll evaluate all aspects of his team -- and especially the guys calling the plays.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Should Mike Vick Keep His Job?
The Vick magic of 2010 isn’t here. That guy made plays. He avoided turnovers, partially by luck. The Vick of 2011 and 2012 can’t escape turnovers. Not all are his fault, but too many are and that really hurts the team. You either stop a good drive or you give the opponent good field position. Turnovers are also deflating. Going 3-and-out and then punting isn’t fun, but there is a rhythm to it. Sudden change situations put a lot of pressure on the defense. That can be tough to deal with. You can’t come up with big stops time after time after time.

The Eagles’ complete lack of a pass rush against the Lions, in pictures – Blogging the bEast
It is what it says it is.

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