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Eagles vs Lions: The game in GIFs part 2

This is part 2 of our look back at the Eagles overtime loss to the Detroit Lions

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

If you missed part 1 of our GIF'd up review of Eagles vs Lions, check it out here. Let's jump right into part 2.

This play came after one of the few times the Lions were able to scheme Calvin Johnson away from Nnamdi Asomugha by lining him up in the slot and running him underneath on a crossing pattern. And while this was a positive play for Detroit, you have to credit Kurt Coleman for taking on a guy who is 6-5, 236 and running at full speed and winning the battle.


Coleman certainly has issues, but no one can say the guy isn't happy to hit people.

Speaking of Coleman, Nnamdi & Calvin Johnson... The Eagles may have given up a TD on this play, but it sure as hell wasn't going to be given up to Calvin Johnson.


On a lighter note, how often is it that you see a kickoff come from inside the opposition's own half?


With that, let's move on to the final two plays from overtime. Let's look at first down.


Now you could certainly argue that Vick holds to ball too long here. You see his makes his drop, takes a little step or two and it's all over. However, that little beat before the steps is the only shot he is at making a play there, because as you see Cliff Avril absolutely abuses Todd Herremans. Herr-dog doesn't even slow him down. Obviously we can't see if anyone is open downfield here, but if not I have to say... Vick had no chance here. Because not only is Avril right on him from the blindside, but Suh runs through Dallas Reynolds to pressure him up the middle and Kyle VandenBosch has the escape route covered up top.

Make no mistake about it, the offensive line's complete and total breakdown all but doomed this play from the start.

Similar issue on the second play, although it would seem more likely that Vick shoulders the blame here. We see him make his drop, even flinch toward making a throw, which he decides against. Who knows? Maybe that was a good decision as we can't see the coverage here. Problem is, he's done after that flinch. Nick Fairley beats Evan Mathis to the outside, which is odd enough for a DT. It's not the fastest developing rush, but he gets there pretty quick and Mathis barely even slows him down. VandenBosch eventually beats Bell here too, but after that amount of time I don't think we can really blame him for not holding the block.

When Fairley gets his hand on Vick and turns him around, the play is dead.


So could Vick have made some really quick decisions and avoided these sacks? Could be. I haven't seen the all-22 yet so I don't quite know if he had an open guy. He had a moment in each of these plays where there was a shot to make a throw, but overall the performance of the offensive line here seems to be the story to me. On the two most important offensive plays of the game, they allowed at least one free rusher to fly around the edge on each.

The Eagles rushed for only 71 yards in this game. LeSean McCoy averaged just 1.6 yards per rush. The offensive line is a huge problem right now and has to be Andy Reid's #1 priority during this bye week. Whether its new personnel, new schemes or whatever... this is not working and it's having a huge impact.

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