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Eagles bye week is a reason to celebrate

Our reason to celebrate this week? An angst-free Sunday awaits us

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

I don't know about the rest of you, but I could not be happier to be getting this Sunday off from Eagles football. These first 6 weeks have been gut-wrenching, angst-ridden, heart pounding out of your chest type of stuff and I need a break.

Aside from the Cardinals game where they were simply blown out, every game has been decided by three points or less. The last 3 have down to a game winning (or losing) field goal. If you told me that heart attacks were on the rise in the Delaware Valley, I wouldn't be surprised one bit.

It's been a season maybe unlike any other. Last season, the Eagles went into their bye at 2-4. However, they had blown out the Rams and got blown out by the Giants. They lost a game that was close on the scoreboard to the Bills, but that was only because an Eagles comeback after being blown out most of the game fell short. It wasn't really heart stopping stuff. The loss to Atlanta was perhaps most comparable to this year and the win over the Redskins was no blowout, but it wasn't a nail-biter either.

So while last year was worse at this point than this season, it really wasn't the same kind of weekly emotional beating we've gotten this season.

Our nerves are frayed. Look at the comments in the post game recap thread... We need a break!

And so the bye this Sunday is our reason to celebrate.

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