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Week 6 NFL Picks: Can the Eagles get a home win?

Can the Eagles offense finally put some points on the board vs a struggling Detroit defense?

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Sadly this is midterm week for me at B-school, so its been mostly books and studying and I haven't been able to put the research I usually do into the trends and spreads. So I'm not going to pick against the spread this week. If I'm picking ATS, I'm really telling people how to bet and I don't think that's right to do that unless you've put in the work. So for this week, I'm just picking winners based on my gut!

Colts vs. Jets - Everyone loves to dump on the Jets, but they're not a bad team at home and played the Texans tight on Monday night. I think they beat the Colts here. Pick: Jets

Bengals vs. Browns - No one is more adept at beating bad teams than the Bengals. Pick: Bengals

Lions vs. Eagles - If there was ever a week for the Eagles offense to finally put some points on the board its against this struggling Detroit D. Pick: Eagles

Raiders vs. Falcons - Literally the only worry about this game would be if Atlanta takes Oakland too lightly, but given that its at home they can probably do that and still win. Pick: Falcons

Rams vs. Dolphins - I think the Rams might be a better team than Miami, but I like the Dolphins at home. Pick: Dolphins

Cowboys vs. Ravens - Dallas went into their bye with a bad taste in their mouth and probably come out with one too. Pick: Ravens

Bills vs. Cardinals - Arizona came back down to earth last time out, but this is a great matchup for them. Pick: Cardinals

Patriots vs. Seahawks - I'm picking the Pats here, but this game could be a lot trickier than it looks. Seattle is a tough place to play and New England has been hot and cold this year. They've already been knocked off by one NFC West team in New England. So this should be a tough spot. Pick: Patriots

Giants vs. 49ers - Rematch of the 2011 NFCCG that the Giants won in overtime. The 2012 Giants really haven't come up big against good teams though. Pick: 49ers

Vikings vs. Redskins - This is actually the toughest pick of the week in my opinion. Obviously the RG3 concussion situation is a big deal, although the indication is that he'll probably play Sunday. I just like this Minnesota team though and I think Christian Ponder could have a big week. This should be close though and it's my lowest conviction pick. Pick: Vikings

Packers vs. Texans - I don't really think this one will even come down to the wire. I think we'll see a comfortable Texans win. Pick: Texans

Broncos vs. Chargers - These are actually two teams which are more evenly matched than people think. The Chargers are a little better than they're given credit for and the Broncos aren't as good as they're perceived. So I'm taking San Diego at home. Pick: Chargers

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