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Pick 6 Update: Broad Street Beatdown beats us all down

Be sure to make your pick 6 before Thursday. It's a new game every week,so jump in any time!

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Week 5 of our Pick 6 game is in the books and "Broad Street Beatdown" beat us all down scoring 100.5 points, which outpaced the field by 5. I actually think its the biggest margin of victory this season. Here was his winning 6.

QB Matt Ryan 19.2
RB Trent Richardson 18.8
WR Brandon Marshall 20.4
TE Tony Gonzalez 18.3
K Shayne Graham 12.0
WC Ray Rice 11.8

Not too bad... I, on the other hand, was bad finishing 158th out of 168. Did you fare any better? Here's the full week 5 BGN leaderboard.

As always, I want to remind everyone that the game starts anew every week and you get to pick all new players. So if you didn't get a pick 6 in last week, no big deal. Hop in and play this week. You have until the start of the Thursday night game to make your pick.

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