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The Linc - LeSean McCoy Leads Eagles Over Giants

The Eagles have now won 8 of their last 9 against the Giants

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Instant Analysis: Give it to LeSean McCoy and win
The Eagles are at their best when their handing the ball to their best player. They, and LeSean McCoy himself, proved it again Sunday night.

Inside the Eagles: Reid's message to Vick comes through loud and clear
If Andy Reid intended to send Michael Vick a message with his "we're evaluating as we go" statement - and it says here he did - it was a communication that hit its intended target. The Eagles quarterback was efficient, decisive, and nearly error-free Sunday night - everything he wasn't for more than two of his first three games this season. Vick was the offensive leader the Eagles need if they are to build upon a 3-1 start that feels anything but.

Phil Sheridan: McCoy comes up big when it counts
That brought up third-and-11. The Giants blitzed and Michael Vick threw the ball too deep for DeSean Jackson. McCoy turned around and walked over to the stationary bike at the far left end of the Eagles bench, jumped on and started pedaling. If McCoy was sending a message, it just might have been received by Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg. From that drive on, the Eagles offensive masterminds managed to find ways to get the football to their best player.

Rapid Reaction: Eagles 19, Giants 17 - NFC East Blog - ESPN
When the Eagles commit to the run and do not turn the ball over, they can be as good as any team in the league. After a stop-and-start offensive first half, the Eagles came out running with LeSean McCoy in the second half and had tremendous success with it.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Somebody Missed a FG???
Yes. This would have been a perfect time for Al Michaels to bring his classic line out of the closet…"Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!"

Does icing kickers work and more NFL Q&A - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
Since 2001 (including the playoffs), kickers have successfully hit field goals at an 81 percent rate when no timeout was called prior to the snap, and 76 percent when a timeout was called. However, it’s worth noting that the average distance on "iced" kicks is 39 yards, compared to 36 yards on kicks on which timeout was not called.

Redskins Offer Fancy Wine To Fans To Drown Sorrows
The Washington Redskins are celebrating their 80th anniversary of existence as a franchise. For 79 of those years, they have been called the Redskins. So, let's sell some booze! But not just any booze. A "limited edition" and "rare[ly] combin[ed]" red wine, a cab sav if you're wondering, is the way to go for football fans.

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