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Jeremy Maclin Supports Reid, Talks About Offseason Plans

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Jeremy Maclin wrote his final blog for and used it to voice his support for head coach Andy Reid

It's a good thing that the announcement has already come out that Coach Reid will be back next season, as he should be. A team can't struggle the way we struggled without a lot of hot air blowing over the airwaves. That is what it is. I admire the decisiveness of Mr. Lurie in the face of all that, the way he ended the conversation quickly and on his own terms. I really appreciate the confidence the front office has in our coach, which mirrors the confidence our coach has in us players. That's the kind of foundation an organization needs, even with a long off-season ahead of us.

Maclin went on to talk about his offseason plans and just generally go over what the life of an NFL player is like in the offseason. These guys don't get a whole lot of time off and has Maclin explains, you really can't take yourself away from the game and expect to maintain your level of fitness and knowledge needed for the next season.

Football is really, really complicated. There's a lot of muscle memory involved, a lot of reflexes honed over years and years of doing it every day. That's not to mention the playbook, which only gets bigger. The moment you take your mind off any of it, you lose ground. Even if it's an inch, it's not worth losing because, trust me, it's a pain in the ass to make it back up later.