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The Linc - Eagles Secondary Not Good Under Johnnie Lynn

Bill Lyon: A tale of two coaches: Bradley and Castillo | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/08/2012
What we have here are two men who share a common bond. They are the good soldiers, loyal almost to a fault, in it to the end because it is part of their nature.

The Eagles' secondary under Lynn | Philly | 01/08/2012
It's tough to find an area in which the Eagles' pass defense improved this season. Most of the numbers are similar to 2010. Last year, the defense gave up 54 big pass plays (20 yards or more). This year, it gave up 53.

Reid's arrogance is more than protecting players
Andy Reid's press conference arrogance is a separate issue from protecting his players, says Ray Didinger.

2012 NFL Draft order: Tim Tebow helps set picks 1-24 - Mocking The Draft
Following this weekend's playoff games, the first 24 picks of the 2012 NFL Draft are set. Sunday's games have a drastic impact on the order.

Giants Follow A Winning Script
Give the New York Giants credit: They know what they do well and then they go out in the playoffs and do it. Sunday's 24-2 win over Atlanta was proof that the formula works ...

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