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PFF: Eagles Defensive Tackles Were Productive In Pass Rush

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Pro Football Focus complied their list of the most productive pass rushing DTs in the league yesterday. They took a look at how many pass rush snaps every DT took, their total pressures and derived their pass rushing productivity. The Eagles had two players amongst the top five.

Cullen Jenkins at #4 and Derek Landri at #5. Jenkins had 39 pressures in 372 pass rush snaps while Derek Landri had 18 pressures in just 178 snaps.

As we look ahead to next year to evaluate who is part of the solution, it would certainly seem that both of these guys are. Jenkins wasn't just a good pass rusher last either, according to Football Outsiders, he was fantastic against the run as well.

Think the Packers missed Cullen Jenkins this year? He led all DTs in run defeats, run stop rate, and allowed just 0.7 yards per run play.

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