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Jason Babin Named One Of The Best Contracts Of 2011

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Andrew Brandt, the former Eagles & Packers contract negotiator and current National Football Post writer compiled a list of his best and worst contracts of 2011. Included among them is the deal the Eagles gave Jason Babin, which he has ranked as the second best value of the year.

2. Jason Babin: The Eagles brought Babin back – he was with the team in 2009 – for a five-year $28 million deal that only had $5.5 million guaranteed. Now one the most prolific sack specialists in the NFL with 18 sacks and two games left, Babin has shown similar value to fellow sack artists DeMarcus Ware ($40 million guaranteed), Charles Johnson ($36 million guaranteed), and Tamba Hali ($35 million guaranteed).

Sacks are expensive, as you can see. The top pass rushers in the NFL trail only QBs in salary. So for the Eagles to buy 18 sacks this season with a contract that guarantees only $5.5 million over 5 years is a crazy value.