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McManus: Todd Bowles Interested In Eagles Job?

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Tim McManus is reporting for Philly Sports Daily that former Miami Dolphins secondary/interim head coach Todd Bowles would be interested in the Eagles defensive coordinator job if it were offered/open. McManus says that Bowles was one of the candidates that the Eagles asked permission to interview last year, but were denied.

Bowles previously had held the position of secondary coach with the Cowboys. He played in the league for 8 seasons, largely with the Redskins, where he was starting safety on the Super Bowl XXII winning team. Bowles also has a local connection having played his college ball at Temple.

He is also reported to be getting an interview for the head coaching job in St Louis.

As we noted yesterday, Jeff Lurie implied that Juan Castillo was not necessarily Andy Reid's top choice and that he turned to Juan after his list preferred list of candidates didn't pan out. So far, with the reported interest from Spagnuolo and now Bowles, the Eagles defensive coordinator job seems to be a lot more sought after than it was last year. Or at least the candidates available are more interesting.

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