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Was Jaws Paying Attention?

Ron Jaworski was on ESPN today to react to the news that the Eagles would be keeping Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator. He was directly asked what his reaction was to the news. His reply was the following.

I have to wear two hats here. As an ESPN NFL analyst I know how the Eagles work. They're an organization that likes to take emotion out of every decision they make. They take time to make decisions and for the most part , they make the right decisions.

Now I'll put on my hat as a fan. As a fan, we like to know what's going on. I'm around the community of Philadelphia, I talk to people and as fans they want some information and the silence has been deafening. We all know the Eagles are working hard to shore up their problems, but they're telling nothing to the fans and as fans we want a little something.

This would have been a perfectly good response to the question, "what are your thoughts on the Eagles waiting so long to confirm that Castiilo would be back?"

Either way, Jaws will get his wish when Andy Reid meets the media tomorrow at noon.

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