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The Linc - A Look Back At The Senior Bowl

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Couple of Guys I Like
It will take me a while to get through with reviewing the Senior Bowl. On every snap, there are 22 prospects to watch. It is the equivalent of trying to pick out the cute chick at the Playboy Mansion. I do want to talk about a couple of guys that intrigue me. Not LBs, but DL.

15 players that impressed me this week at the Senior Bowl – Blogging the bEast
Among them was Zach Brown, LB, North Carolina.

Goodell: Recession has helped league | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/28/2012
The recession has been good for the NFL, according to commissioner Roger Goodell, who said it has helped build TV audiences for games. Speaking on an episode of CBS's 60 Minutes to be aired Sunday, Goodell said nearly 60 million people tuned in to watch Sunday's conference championships because of the lingering recession and high unemployment.

Eagles get housed by Giants in the draft
The thought of the Giants playing in the Super Bowl is enough to make any Eagles fan queasy and the Giants' superior draft picks have definitely played a role.

Panthers introduce refined logo
The Panthers have redone their logo to make it look "more aggressive & contemporary."

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