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Jeff Lurie Says DeSean Jackson's Attitude Is "Terrific" And Would "Welcome Him Back"

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Jeff Lurie did not address DeSean Jackson's contract situation during his press conference, but he was ambushed as he stepped off the podium and peppered with questions about the soon to be free agent WR. Lurie was very complimentary of Jackson and seemed to imply that they didn't plan to just let him walk.

"DeSean is a terrific player. I think his attitude over the month was terrific and he brought tremendous energy. He really started to "get it." I would welcome him back.

We have the leverage of... Obviously we can do what we choose to do to control his situation."

That last quote obviously refers to the franchise tag, which I'd be surprised if the Eagles didn't use on DeSean. He may not deserve the "top 5" money he's apparently looking for, he is not the kind of player you just let walk for nothing.

I actually would say that I'm much more optimistic about DeSean being back now than I was a month ago. There seems to have been a real cooling of the tensions between him and the team. When he caught that 62 yard TD on Sunday, we saw him head to the sidelines and hug Andy Reid. Reid, by the way, has vocally defended DeSean over the last month. We've heard his teammates say that they want him back, we've heard him say he wants to be back and didn't even bristle at the idea of getting the franchise tag.

But in the end, all of that won't matter if Drew Rosenhaus insists on him being paid like Larry Fitzgerald. He may get franchised for a year, but he's not getting a long term deal if that's the case.