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Lurie: Reid And Roseman Will Return

Although there was never any real doubt that Andy Reid would be back, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie confirmed that both he and GM Howie Roseman would return for 2012.

Lurie said that it didn't mean he was satisfied with the season and that he expressed his anger and disappointment to Reid "very directly."

"There's no legitimate excuse. This team was too talented. This team was poised to succeed in a big way. and there's no legitimate excuses to be 8-8 when you're starting out with a team that is theoretically better than the one last year that was 10-6 ans won the NFC East"

Lurie did not address any other staffing changes (ie Juan Castiilo) and would say only that Andy Reid has final say on all of his assistants and Lurie would never try to tell him otherwise. He was complimentary of Castillo, but didn't exactly deny that he may have been in over his head.

"Anyone who's known Juan Castillo knows he's an incredibly impressive man. Was he put into a tough situation early? Tough to say."

And again, he said that these are decisions that are up to Andy, but I thought this was an interesting quote.

"Andy Reid has never been afraid to make change, something uncommon among head coaches."

He was pretty candid with his disappointment in the season and for those worrying that the ownership would see these last four wins as a sign of something positive... worry no more. Lurie recognized that they did not play great teams and that the last stretch didn't really prove anything.

To hold onto the last four games against non-playoff teams as hope would be "fool's gold."

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