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Would Steve Spagnuolo Actually Be A Great Hire?

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Ever since rumors broke that Steve Spagnuolo would be fired by the Rams, Eagles fans (myself included) have been hoping for him to be brought in here as the new defensive coordinator. He was the guy in charge of the great Giants defense that won a Superbowl and cut his teeth right here in Philadelphia as Jim Johnson's assistant. So he does have a track record of success as a coordinator and obviously has that Jim Johnson pedigree.

However, before we get too ga-ga about the idea of Spags running the defense, we can't ignore the job he did as a head coach. He was historically bad. In fact, no head coach has ever lost more games over their first three years than Spags did. The Rams were 10-38 during his tenure. The only coach to win fewer games over their first three years was Burt Bell, who coached the Eagles from 1936-38.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Rams have been outscored by 514 points during Spags tenure. That 174 points more than even the second worst team over that time. While part of that is certainly due to their league worst offense over that time, Spags hasn't even managed to field a decent defense. The Rams have given up the 7th most points in the league over his tenure. If this guy was truly the defensive genius he's made out to be, couldn't he do any better than that?

Plus, we can't forget that he ran the Giants defense for only two seasons. In his first year, the Giants' D ranked 17th and improved to 5th in his second and final year. So really, we are talking about a guy who was an abysmal head coach and has had exactly one good year as a coordinator and one great playoff run. Granted, it got him a ring, but it's not exactly a fat resume.

So while if the Eagles did in fact bring him, I'm sure we'd all see it as a positive. But let's not forget that he's not a sure thing and there's a reason he's available right now.