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PFF Looks At Safety Tackling, Was Quintin Mikell A Bust In STL?

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Pro Football Focus released their latest tackling study and this time they focused on how safeties performed. No current Eagles made their top 20 or bottom 20, but a few ex-birds did.

For one, it should come as no surprise that Jarrad Page ranked among the 20 worst tackling safeties in the NFL. He missed one tackle for every 5.1 he attempted this season. No surprise at all.

One former Eagle that did surprise with his struggles is Quintin Mikell, who finished among the bottom 30 in tackling, missing one every 6.2 attempts. Mikell was also credited with just 5 pass defenses this season, down from 15 last year and 13 the previous year. It's same to assume that the Rams expected more for their $27 million.

The worst tackler amongst safeties in the league was Tampa Bay's Tanard Jackson, who missed an amazing 24 tackles, or one for every 2.4 he attempted.