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The Linc - Are You Ready For Some Pro Bowl?

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NFL free agency looks overloaded once again | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/27/2012
"Everybody thought last year was going to be a very unique situation in terms of how many players were available," said Eagles president Joe Banner. "In terms of quality, I don't know since we haven't really sat down and talked about it yet. But in terms of quantity, people are going to see a market that's actually not that much different than last year. "There were an unusual number of players at the end of free agency last year that signed 1-year deals and will come back into the market this year in addition to the normal [cycle of] players. So it'll be a fuller market than what we've seen, other than last year, in quite a while."

The Greatest Eagle | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/27/2012
The legend of Steve Van Buren - whose slashing running style revolutionized pro football in the 1940s and who quit after eight explosive seasons and two NFL championships as the league's then-all-time rusher - continues to intrigue Eagles fans, even with the game morphing into a multibillion-dollar entertainment empire that will be capped with next Sunday's Super Bowl spectacle that would be unrecognizable to the sport's "Greatest Generation." It took 66 years for an Eagle - LeSean McCoy - to finally surpass Van Buren's 1945 feat of 18 touchdowns, and it required a 16-game schedule. Van Buren did it in only 10 games.

Philadelphia Eagles: Eagles have three of their best in Pro Bowl -
Only left tackle Jason Peters, running back LeSean McCoy and defensive end Jason Babin were deemed worthy enough by the voters to earn a trip to Hawaii, where the game will be played Sunday.

12 players that did not impress me this week at the Senior Bowl – Blogging the bEast
The title is fairly self explanatory.

North takes down South in Senior Bowl
The North beat the South in the annual Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala.