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Another Mock Draft, Another Familiar Pick For Eagles

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Last season, with free agency suspended and the lockout on, mock drafts were particularly apropos because what a team needed right now is the same as what they would have needed in April. This year, things are back to normal and free agency will take place prior to the draft. So while the Eagles obvious need right now is LB, this could all change come April.

But for now, it makes sense that every mock drafter and their mom are forecasting the Eagles to take a LB, including's Don Banks, who has them taking Luke Kuechly.

When you say the words "linebacker" and "Boston College" in the same sentence, Eagles fans still instantly think of Mike Mamula, the team's over-hyped first-rounder in 1995. But Kuechly is this year's finest inside linebacker prospect, and that's where the crying need lies on Philly's defense.