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Andy Reid Finally Speaks, To Cleveland

Andy Reid has been on a self imposed media black out since the final whistle blew in the season ending win over the Redskins. It seems as though that's changed a bit in the last week. He will speak to the media, as long as it's not the Philly media or about the Eagles. Reid gave an interview to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer to discuss his former assistants Pat Shurmur and Brad Childress, who are now leading the Cleveland Browns along with his former deputy Tom Heckert (and a number of ex Eagles players).

"They were a great combo for me here, and we sure won a lot of games with those two at the helm of my offense here, and so I wouldn't expect anything different," said Reid, who ran the same West Coast offense the Browns have in place. "They work very well together, and it's a great fit. The Cleveland Browns are getting a great person, No. 1, and a tremendous football coach. He's got a great football mind, and he has a great relationship with Pat. It's a win-win all the way around."

Now, I get why Reid would want to lend a voice of support to his former pupils. That's fine. And I understand that he's not going to field Eagles questions until he's got answers. I don't usually get overly worked up about this type of stuff, but I think it's fair to give Reid a bit of criticism over this.

If you want to go on a media blackout, do it. But don't go speak with Browns fans before Eagles fans. We've been waiting to hear not only what Reid plans to do with his staff next year, but what he has to say about last year for a month now.

You like the staff the Browns have put together... now, what about your own? It's been a month now. It's a question Ron Jaworski is surprised hasn't been answered yet.

"I'm a little bit surprised that Andy Reid hasn't stepped out and said 'hey here's what we're doing.' You know, the sports fans in this town, of which I am one, care very deeply about the Philadelphia Eagles and we'd like to know what's going on. Rather than rumor, innuendo that we constantly here I think that we need someone from the Eagles organization to step up and say 'this is what we're doing, this our plan, this is our coaching staff, here's our plan in free agency and the draft.

Now, we all know you can't tell everyone all the secrets, but I think as fans we'd like something. I think the quiet is speaking volumes right now you know? Far too calm!"

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