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Mel Kiper Re-drafts The 2006 NFL Draft

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ESPN's Mel Kiper has decided to re-do the 2006 NFL draft because presumably he had nothing better to do than to rehash a six year old draft. At this point, hindsight is crystal clear as to who worked out and who didn't. The Eagles held the 14th overall pick in that draft and took DT Brodrick Bunkley. In KIper's redraft, he has them taking Elvis Dumervil, DE, Louisville.

He's faced a major injury, and even then Dumervil is exactly a half-sack behind Mario Williams one behind Tamba Hali, and this after being taken No. 126 overall. Sure, he faced height questions, but Dumervil simply gets to quarterbacks. Previous draft spot: No. 126

Kiper has Haloti Ngata going #1 overall in his re-draft and Nick Mangold (not a joke) going #2.