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Roseman Implies The Eagles Missed On A LB Target Last Year

Getty Images has posted the full transcript of Howie Roseman's Q&A with reporters at the Senior Bowl and one particular line of questioning caught my eye... linebackers.

Roseman was asked whether the LB position is an "organizational blindspot?"

I can only speak of all the conversations I've been in and the conversations we have internally and there’s not one position that we look and don’t think has an impact. We don’t devalue that position. Have there been opportunities that maybe haven’t worked out because maybe a player gets picked right before we picked and we’re in negotiation to sign someone and it doesn’t work out? No doubt about that. That’s something we’ll look at like we’ll look at all areas of the team. We’re not sitting here and saying that we don’t want good players at all positions. Obviously there are 22 spots and you can't have superstars at every position.

So he says they don't de-value the position. The obvious retort to that is to ask why then then didn't upgrade the spot last year rather than go with mostly low drafted rookies and young players? That's what was interesting. Roseman seems to imply here that they may have had their eye on a few guys that they weren't able to get.

I think that throughout the course of last off-season whether it was in the draft or free agency we explored options at that position as well as others. Unfortunately, in this business you don’t always get everything you want and it doesn’t work out perfectly. The plan that you have or the picks that you want or the draft board as you set it out – there are 31 other teams that you’re competing with. Certainly we want to get better and we want to get better in all areas. Eight and eight is not good enough and we’ll look at all those things here.

Now that first part there could mean a few things. Maybe they made an offer to linebacker X and he chose to sign elsewhere? Or linebacker X was drafted before them. It could also be that they had their eyes on linebacker X, but when the opportunity to sign a guy like Nnamdi Asomugha or Cullen Jenkins came about, they decided to divert their resources to those guys instead.

Either way, he certainly seems to get that the position is a problem right now. He acknowledged that they were looking to upgrade last year and he didn't really offer any defense of his current LB corps. So hopefully that's a sign that the organization will make fixing that problem area a priority this offseason.

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