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Howie Roseman Still Believes In Eagles Core

Howie Roseman held court with Eagles reporters down at the Senior Bowl today and, among other things, reflected some past mistakes while still expressing confidence in the Eagles core.

"I think that when you're 8-8 and you're at the Senior Bowl (instead of the Super Bowl), you obviously look back and think that there are things you could have done a different way - draft picks you'd like to have back and some signings you'd like to have back. But when you step back and look at the core of the team, the blend of youth and experience and talent, we have an opportunity to be competitive and be competitive for a long time."

Would you agree that the Eagles core is strong? I suppose that depends on what you see as the core. I'd say QB, offensive line & defensive line. Generally, I would think that the Eagles are in pretty good shape there. They're pretty good at the skill positions as well, if in fact they do retain DeSean Jackson.

Either way, we've really got no choice to but to go with this corps for the time being. Michael Vick is untradeable/uncuttable for at least another year or two. Babin and Cole are locked up. Brandon Graham is obviously going to get his shot. The offensive is half young, half locked up and Evan Mathis. Nnamdi Asomugha isn't going anywhere. Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy are still on rookie contracts.

No matter what, there won't be wholesale changes with these team going into next season.

Check out more from Roseman and some of the goings on down at the Senior Bowl over on

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