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Senior Bowl notes: South Team practice, January 23, 2012

I'm down here in Mobile, Alabama, covering the Senior Bowl for my NFC East site. But I figured I'd post my reports here as well.

It’s going to be a long day of practices tomorrow. Today you had to chose between covering one team or the other, as they practiced at different facilities. Tomorrow, I’ll get my first look at the North team bright and early, and the South team again in the afternoon.

I'll also be tweeting throughout the week of practices, so make sure to follow me on Twitter.

Quick note... The numbers after the players' names indicates what round CBS projects them to be drafted.

WRs/TEs vs DBs

- Janoris Jenkins (1-2) blankets Jeff Fuller (4-5) and does a nice job breaking up a pass. Jenkins then starts talking trash to Fuller, saying "SEC, baby!" Except that... you know... Jenkins got kicked off the team at Florida and had to play his senior season at North Alabama. I think Jenkins could make some sense for the Redskins or the Cowboys if he falls to the 2nd round. The Cowboys' needs for a corner are obvious, but the Redskins could opt to get out of Deangelo Hall's terrible contract, which could create a need at corner. They'll have all week to get a good feel for what kind of person he is.

- Brandon Boykin (2-3) tries to jam Dwight Jones (2-3) at the line, but Jones throws him to the ground and gets wide open.

- Joe Adams (4-5) smokes Casey Hayward (4-5) down the sideline on a go route, but the ball is overthrown.

- Ryan Steed (3-4) tries to jam Juron Criner (7-FA) at the line, but is basically just holding him.

- Ladarius Green (5) beats Brandon Taylor (5) on an out route. Green is a nice, big target at 6'6.

- Patrick Edwards (FA) beats Dwight Bentley (6-7) over the middle. Drop. And a bad one.

- Jenkins against Fuller again. This time Jenkins gets very physical at the line with Fuller, bordering on holding. Jenkins is chippy.

- Ladarius Green beats DeQuan Menzie (3-4) pretty easily on an out. It's a wet, slippery track, but Menzie looks slow.

- Gorgeous diving catch by Joe Adams. Adams reminds me a little bit of DeSean Jackson. A little bit. Jackson is uncoverable in camp when the Eagles run this drill. It's basically impossible to stay with him. Adams isn't on that level, but he definitely has some of DeSean's jukiness.

- Brandon Boykin jams Dwight Jones, stays with him through the route, and breaks up a pass. Gets a round of high 5's from the other DBs.

- Juron Criner beats Ryan Steed deep.

- Antonio Allen (2-3) undercuts a pass intended for Deangelo Peterson (6). Nice breakup.

- Dwight Bentley owns whoever he was covering (couldn't see who it was), and steps in front of a pass for a Pick 6.

- Dwight Jones beats Boykin deep. Boykin reaches out and grabs Jones for an obvious P.I. No high 5's this time around.

7 on 7′s:

- Nick Foles (2) throws a string of incompletions. 3 in a row. Two of them are intended for Jeff Fuller (4-5). Fuller has excellent size, but looks a little slow. Foles’ first completion in the drill is a checkdown to Chris Rainey. Checkdowns in 7 on 7′s are wins for the defense.

- Quick slant to Dwight Jones (2-3). Solid contact after the catch by Janoris Jenkins (1-2). (It’s shells and shorts, so contact is limited.) I mentioned earlier that Jenkins is little chippy.

- Ryan Lindley (3) completes a McNabb-like wormball to Dwight Jones. Jones does a nice job getting his hands under it.

- Nice ball by Lindley on a deep post to Juron Criner (7-FA).

- Swing pass from Brandon Weeden (4) to Vick Ballard (4). Nigel Bradham (3-4) shows good closing speed in chasing him out of bounds.

- Nice catch by Joe Adams (4-5) on a little out. Adams looks very fast. He’s quickly growing on me.

- Nothing open. Foles runs. It’s always funny when QBs run in 7 on 7 drills.

- Another McNabb ball, this time by Lindley, and not a worm ball. This time it’s a laser from short distance. Chris Rainey (5-6) can’t handle it.

- Really nice play here: Dwight Jones runs a stop and go, but Brandon Boykin (2-3) doesn’t bite on the fake and stays right with him. Lindley throws a great ball, which Jones goes up and gets, despite good coverage by Boykin.

11 on 11′s:

- Nice diving catch by Joe Adams over the middle. Did I mention I like Adams yet? Oh, I did? OK.

- Brandon Weeden (4) rolls left to escape pressure and throws on the run, hitting Brad Smelley. Nice play. If the Skins don’t sign a guy like Matt Flynn or trade up to grab Robert Griffin III (1), Weeden could very much be in play for the Skins. No way Weeden lasts until the 4th, by the way, as CBS has him ranked.

- Lindley throws a deep corner route that goes into the 8th row. He threw a gorgeous deep ball in 7 n 7′s, but this one was way off.

- Jeff Allen (5-6) is having trouble dealing with Melvin Ingram (1). If the Cowboys let Anthony Spencer walk, Ingram could be a nice fit opposite DeMarcus Ware. Ingram, by the way, is standing out for a reason other than his obvious athleticism – He has a Redskins helmet on.

- The Skins’ coaching staff is showing bothe 3-4 and 4-3 looks. Interesting that Courtney Upshaw (1) is lining up at DE in the 4-3 looks.

- Nice catch by Deangelo Peterson (6) in traffic.

- Looking at Sean Spence (2-3), if I didn’t know any better I’d think he was a corner. Kid can play though.

- After practice, Juan Castillo had a long conversation with Texas LB Keenan Robinson. Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz noticed it too and gave his thoughts on Robinson. Phil Savage also talked with DE Jake Bequette (4-5) from Arkansas.The Eagles (and every other team for that matter) are going to be talking to literally hundreds of players between now and the NFL Draft, so don’t pencil in Robinson as an Eagle just yet, but it is certainly worth noting that they talked.

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