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If Castillo Is Still Defensive Coordinator, He Isn't Saying

Jeff McLane filed a bizarre report from down at the Senior Bowl where Juan Castillo is among the Eagles contingent on hand to scout for the upcoming draft. What was so bizarre was Juan's response to the simple inquiry of whether he was still the defensive coordinator.

"You got to go through Andy," Castillo said, deferring to Eagles coach Andy Reid. "I'm just working," he added, explaining his presence at Senior Bowl practices.

I'm just guessing that if you asked anyone else on the Eagles staff if they are in fact still in their jobs and they would say it. It's odd for Juan to play coy like this and in fact, it really leads me to believe that Andy Reid is currently looking at other defensive coordinator candidates. Because if Juan knew it was still his job, why wouldn't he have just said so?

Then again, maybe he's just trolling us all.

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