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The Saints Can Thank Drew Brees For Steve Spagnuolo

I'm not sure if Dan Pompeii is professing to have inside info here, but in his latest Sunday Blitz column, he explained why Steve Spagnuolo picked the Saints defensive coordinator job over the Eagles.

The Saints can thank Drew Brees for Steve Spagnuolo. The Saints’ new defensive coordinator had his choice of a number of jobs. Among the other teams that either were in hot pursuit or had expressed interest were the Eagles, Falcons, Colts, Bucs and Vikings. It came down to choosing between the Eagles and Saints, and Spags picked Brees over Michael Vick. Why? An offense that scores 38.5 points per game can make a defensive coordinator look pretty smart.

This is pretty much what we said when it went down. The Saints are a more attractive job right now for a couple reasons. Drew Brees and their offense is certainly a big one.

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