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Baltimore Ravens At New England Patriots Open Thread

It's conference title game day in the NFL and unfortunately the "final four" are all teams that have been there and won it already. So there's no "long suffering" fanbases for underdogs to root for really... The 49ers have gone the longest without a title of the remaining teams, but they have won more than all the others so I doubt anyone feels bad for their fans.

The first game on the docket is the Baltimore Ravens at the New England Patriots. This game, for me, is a real test of how important playing tough regular season games is. The Ravens have six wins against teams with winning records this season. The Patriots have none. They played a soft schedule in the regular season and even in the playoffs they still haven't beaten a team with a winning record.

Will that be a factor today? That's the question. The Pats are favored by 7 today.

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