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Donovan McNabb Thinks The Bears Made A Mistake By Not Signing A Better QB, Like Him.

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When Donovan McNabb got his release from the Vikings, many NFL pundits assumed that the Bears, who had just lost Jay Cutler for the season, would sign him right away. They didn't. Instead they had Caleb Hanie start and get worse and worse... And still McNabb got no call. As the Bears playoff hopes faded they even turned to Josh McCown and still McNabb got no call.

Donovan says, that was a mistake.

"I thought the Bears would call," McNabb said on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. "So many people continuously talked about the Mike Martz offense and things of that nature. I personally didn’t care about that. If you want to win and win now, you go out and get a better quarterback and you cater your offense to his strengths, and obviously the strengths of your team. Obviously it didn’t work out well for them. It’s unfortunate. I wish things would have worked out, but it didn’t. We will see what happens from now on."

There's two reactions I have here. One, I agree with him. Caleb Hanie stinks and the Bears were in great position for a playoff spot. McNabb couldn't have been worse than Hanie... I would have signed him.

But beyond that, Donovan clearly thinks that he's the same QB he was 4-5 years ago and he also seems to think that the rest of the league has that impression as well. But the reality is, he's quickly become a journeyman who has benched for two straight seasons.

Next year, if he gets a job, it will be with a fourth team in four years and in all likelihood it will be in a similar situation to what he was in last year. A team with a young QB looking for a veteran to play half a season or so before getting the young guy in. Or at worst, McNabb could slide into the veteran backup behind an established QB role. As crazy as it sounds, a team like the Cowboys could actually be a pretty good fit for him.

So, where do you think Donovan ends up next year and beyond?