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Eagles Clean Out Their Lockers

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The Eagles cleaned out their lockers today and headed home for the offseason today, but not before giving a few thoughts to reporters. Here's a sampling of what some Eagles had to say before they left today.

Michael Vick says that putting himself in a position to be healthy for 16 games "means more to him than anything."

"I think it would be unbelievable. That has to be the goal. You have to be available for 16 games for this team and I have to hold myself accountable and have to get away from trying to do too much. Not waking up sore on Monday mornings doesn't mean that you didn't give it your all. I think it means you played smart. I went into the game yesterday of playing with that mindset of how I wanted to play in this upcoming season: protecting the ball, playing smart, not taking unnecessary hits, and playing for my teammates. That means more to me now than anything."

Jeremy Maclin thinks it will be big to get a full offseason of work in with Michael Vick as the starter.

"I think it'd be big. He's already a tremendous talent and he knows the offense very well, but getting the full offseason knowing he's the guy coming in, looking at film with the coaches like that, I think it will be key. I think it'll definitely elevate his game to next level, even though there isn't much further that he can go. I think it can definitely help him."

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Jason Avant says it's one of the most disappointing seasons of his career.

"It's one of the most disappointing. I think it's disappointing because of lack of execution, they way you lose games. It's different when you go out against a team that's better than you. And it's even harder to swallow when you go out and do a lot of things to shoot yourself in the foot. So it's disappointing but we were excited about the way that we finished out the season and not giving up and still having a chance, we needed some things to work out for us and it didn't happen. When you look back over it and the division winner is 9-7 and you look at the beginning of the season, you think like 9-7 with the schedule that we played it would be easy, but when you do the wrong things it always bites you in the end."

Kurt Coleman talked about the one thing they need to improve on more than anything.

"I think just, I always said it every week was we hurt ourselves whether it be a mental error, interception, something we didn't do on defense, we hurt ourselves. And I felt like our biggest opponent the whole season was ourselves. In the first eight games basically, maybe 10 games, we hurt ourselves and we put ourselves in difficult positions to get out of. The back half of our season we knew what we were made of. We have the talent, we have the coaching staff and we just played football; we had fun and I think that's what we have to get back to coming into the new year is just playing together as a team, letting it all hang out and make the plays that come our way whether it be offense, defense, special teams make the play."

Jamar Chaney was asked whether he did enough to keep his spot as the starting MIKE next year?

"I think I had a successful season. It's hard to say you had a successful season when you don't make the playoffs. I mean, we had high expectation as a team and anything less than winning a Super Bowl was not going to be a season that we were wanting to have. We finished the season strong and did some good things, we just have to make sure that we go into the season next year with the same focus and start where we left off instead of starting all over again."

Finally, Brian Rolle was asked about the contribution of the rookies this season.

"I think it's a great job of them putting us out there and giving us a chance and we showed that this is one of the most talented classes that we've had. Next year, the fans can look forward to a lot of production out of this group. I feel like on the offensive side, [C] Jason Kelce and all those guys did a good job taking over roles on the offensive line and doing a good job, as well as me and Casey [Matthews] on defense doing a good job."