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Saints Hire Steve Spagnuolo As Defensive Coordinator

So much for #hirespags, at least as far as the Eagles were concerned. Jay Glazer is reporting that he has agreed to become defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.

When we talked about other teams that could possibly have interest in Spagnuolo, the Saints were the only one that obviously presented a better situation than what he could have had here in Philadelphia. They've essentially already got a championship caliber team in place, a stable coaching situation and obviously one of the better QBs in the NFL. Looking at the situation objectively, it's the better job right now.

So, with that, the Spagnuolo ship has sailed which means that the Eagles defensive coordinator situation may not be seeing any changes at all. The team didn't fire Juan Castillo or announce he'd be back next year. Then again, teams usually don't make it a point of announcing that assistant coaches will return. They usually just do.

With Spags off the market, is there anyone you would think the Eagles would have interest in? Is Juan the guy for next year?

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