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Terrell Owens Is Doing Great

Have you heard? Terrell Owens is back in football! And he's managed to end up in an even smaller market than Buffalo this time. Allen, Texas.

"It's official, it just went down, I'm headed back to Dallas," Owens said in a 22-second video posted on his Twitter account. "That's right, IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here I come. I'm going to be me."

The IFL is the indoor football league and they've actually given Owens a piece of the team in return for his playing for them. I can't imagine how much a piece of the Allen Wranglers is worth, but given this little item below I doubt it's much.

Frankel said Owens will play in all the home games, and it hasn't been decided whether he'll play in road games.

Some of the road games they'll be playing this year are in Witchita, Green Bay, Sioux Falls, Chicago, New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska.

This is just another sad chapter in TO's obsession with fame over everything else.

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