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Steve Spagnuolo Meets With Colts About... Something

Adam Schefter reported about an hour ago that Steve Spagnuolo was meeting with the Colts about their vacant defensive coordinator job. This comes at the same time news broke that the Colts have fired their head coach Jim Caldwell.

It wouldn't take a huge leap to assume that the meeting might have been about a bit more than just the defensive coordinator job. Typically you don't hire your defensive coordinator before your head coach... so you'd have to wonder about whether they discussed the head coaching job with Spags or at the very least had the head job in mind when they were talking to him.

It would be an interesting scenario for Spags. Depending on how much of the blame you think he deserves for the disaster that was his time in St Louis, you might still see him as an "up and comer" in the NFL.

At the same time, if the Colts do move on from Peyton Manning and draft Luck, Spags would find himself in a remarkably similar situation to the one he did a pretty poor job with in St Louis... complete with all the Eagles connections.

It should be an interesting situation to monitor. Obviously he would be more attracted to a head coaching position than sliding back to defensive coordinator. So, if the Colts are looking at him as a head guy, the chances of him ending up here are pretty slim.

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